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Potrero Canyon Park Updates: First Phase Nearly Completed; Traffic Light to be Installed

by on September 27, 2011

F2.large 2 300x200 Potrero Canyon Park Updates: First Phase Nearly Completed; Traffic Light to be Installed   In order to stabilize the mouth of the Potrero Canyon and its walls, crews have nearly completed the first stage to fill in the area between Chautauqua Boulevard and Temescal Canyon Road. Once this initial stage is done, plans for future phases will provide further stabilization, control water runoff and, ultimately, result in a recreational park with hiking trails to connect the Palisades Recreation Center to Pacific Coast Highway and surrounding beaches.

Back in February 2010, it was estimated that the entire project would take five years and $30 million. However, as the grading of the mouth of the canyon commenced, a storm-drain pipe was discovered in need of repair, which tacked on an additional four months to the overall project.

The construction of a temporary stoplight is also being anticipated within the coming weeks to regulate traffic when more dirt will be imported to add to the canyon fill. The stoplight will be installed at PCH and Potrero, where a temporary stoplight had been placed five years ago.

This time, however, Caltrans is mandating that more stringent requirements be adhered to. Despite a Caltrans’ willingness to reduce those requirements, installing this new stoplight might become another snag in the process – if the installation is not completed within the next three weeks, when the existing stored dirt is expected to run out.

Because of the connection to the Palisades Recreation Center, the park will be vast in size, particularly for a small community like the Huntington Palisades. Regardless, it will be a welcome addition when this project is finally finished and will undoubtedly become a valuable resource for surrounding residents.

What do you think about this project? How has it affected you, your family, your commute?

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